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The Project

Shielder, your trusted IT security company, is proud to announce THE-CODECK!

The project originates from the will to combine our love for hacking with the best Italian - or maybe worldwide :) - card game - Briscola (/’briskola/).

With THE-CODECK you can finally play Briscola the hacker way - injecting your aces in the very last round, keeping track of scores in the Blockchain, brute-forcing your way to the top of the scoreboard and finally waving the victory flag!

Enjoy playing with THE-CODECK and PWN THEM ALL!

How To Play

Players - 2 to 5

Aim - To win the most points

Briscola is an Italian card game whose rules change depending on the number of players. The basic version is played by two or three people, but be careful: if there are three, the deck must be reduced to 39 cards by removing a two. With four players you can either play the basic version or as partners. In the partner variation each player shares tricks with the person across from them.

The cards rank as follows:

Ace - 11 points

Three - 10 points

King - 4 points

Queen - 3 points

Jack - 2 Points

Anything else - 0 points

At the beginning of the match, each player has three cards.

Turn over the first spare card of the deck to determine the strongest suit of that match: the trump. Place the deck on the table so that it half covers the trump card you have just turned over and start the game.

The player on the right of the dealer lays the first card and everyone else follows moving counter-clockwise. It is not compulsory to follow suit. If a trump has been played, the highest trump wins the trick; otherwise, the winning card is the highest of the leading suit. At the end of each hand, the trick winner takes the top card from the deck and every other player then does the same.

When the deck is gone, the final card is picked and all the cards are played.

The winning player or partnership is the one whose tricks contain the most points.

Shielder for ISF

The totality of The-Codeck proceeds will be donated to Informatici Senza Frontiere.

Social and economic development can also me measured by the availability of digital and technological resources. We have decided to donate the totality of The-Codeck revenue to ISF, an Italian no profit organization we share the same aim with: reduce digital gap all over the world.

Discover ISF mission