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Informatici senza frontiere mission

Founded in 2005, ISF is an organization based in Italy with over 300 members and hundreds of projects to its credit.
Through its work, ISF offers a more sustainable and supportive use of technology carrying out non-profit projects in order to favor contexts of marginalization and emergencies both in Italy and in the developing countries.
Informatici senza Frontiere also acts to fill the digital divide and promotes a process of growth, enabling everyone to benefit from information technologies potential.


The-Codeck for ISF

The pandemic highlighted the importance of access to information and communication, showing that social and economic development is nowadays mainly based on the availability of digital and technological resources.
The-Codeck is the result of our passion for IT and the decision to support ISF is the result of the awareness that ICT knowledge can help building a more equal society.
The totality of The-Codeck proceeds will be donated to ISF in order to help reduce the digital gap many Countries still face and to contribute to the construction of a more digitalized and connected world.

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