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Shielder, your trusted IT security company, is proud to announce


The deck you can play Briscola the hacker way with!

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Our ancestors needed them to break into a city and conquer it, we now need them for a not so different aim: our city to conquer is at /root, our walls are made of fire and our weapons are made of bits. This suit represents the most common vulnerabilities we find in our job: injections. From SQL to ROP chains, from SMTP to OGNL, you decide what card you want to play.



Clubs representing Brute-force is our due tribute to those who made this quest a little bit easier over the years. An acknowledgment to people, tools and techniques that made it possible to get the most out of the exploitation of a product. Two of them, Michał Zalewski - known as lcamtuf - who revolutionized the way we fuzz, and Turing, without whom we wouldn’t be here talking about Briscola.



That awesome feeling you have while grabbing an Ace at the very last round is comparable only with submitting the last-minute flag in the Defcon's CTF and winning the most coveted Black Badge. Briscola is one of the best testing stages to improve your social engineering skills in the italian underground, until you become as talented as Kevin Mitnick (or more). The suit hides our welcome flag. How long will it take you to find it?



As a tribute to the anonymity it grants and to the most expensive pizza ever bought, here you have our cryptocurrency suit. All the privacy-aholic subjects of King Satoshi will love this kingdom where horses want to cry, people wear Mickey Mouse masks and everything smells of Onions. Will you be able to bring out the strongest E2EE grimaces to convince your partner to drop that Ace and play a formally verified hand?

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